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FAQ's about Male Enhancement

Male Enhancement Pills- what exactly are they?

Male enhancement pills facilitate increased sexual desire coupled with a natural and gradually increased size and girth of the penis. These pills further boost sexual activity with increased hormone secretions and higher sperm levels by the male body. These pills are available in both natural forms and as synthetic drugs.

What are the special ingredients in these pills?

The male enhancement pills are of two types viz., pharmaceutical drugs and natural products

Pharmaceutical Drugs - Synthetic drugs like Viagra and Cialis make up the most important male enhancement drugs in this category. These drugs contain phentolamine a chemical which allows the smooth flow of blood through the arteries of the penis by relaxing the smooth muscles. These pills do have some very common side effects but are usually safe to take.

All Natural Male Enhancement - VigrX and Vimax are the most important natural male enhancement pills. These pills are produced from natural herbs and have no side effects. With increased age, the CP muscle, which is responsible for getting the penis erect, becomes less effective and restricted. These pills then work by relaxing this muscle. Increased blood flow into the arteries lead to enhanced and endured erections and thus better sexual experience.

Will these Pills lead to bigger organ size?

Plainly speaking yes. These pills work by gradually and naturally increasing the penis size over a period of time. You may find out more on these at how male enhancement pills work

Dosage of these Pills

If you intend to see incremental increase in the size of your sexual organ, these pills should be taken over a prolonged period. Although, these may be taken whenever you need an erection, clinical studies suggest that a minimum of 4 months usage with 2 pills a day leads to significant results.

Are these pills similar to other products?

Actually no. The reason being, these products are designed from natural extracts. Although a few of these may have some of the natural extracts in common, they differ in the proportion of the ingredients. The formula for each product is unique and proprietary and no two products are similar.

How much time do these Pills take to show results?

Since these pills are produced from natural extracts, they take more time to show results. Speaking of immediate benefits, these pills start showing their effects in 2 to 3 weeks compared to medications which show results within 30-60 minutes of ingestion. Medications however exhibit harmful side effects which are absent in the natural pills.

How Safe are the Male Enhancement Pills?

Generally speaking, all the male enhancement pills reviewd by us are safe and are devoid of side effects. However, those medications which contain a key ingredient called sildenefil causes kidney dysfunctions, increased blood pressure and intestinal problems. The natural pills suggested by us towards male enhancements however, are considered to be free of all such problems as they are produced from natural herbs and extracts and produce minimal side effects.

Are these Pills Guaranteed to Work?

There are many companies in the market which may con you into procuring fake products which may not work and in turn produce side effects. There are a few however, like VigRx Plus which provide you with a guarantee of up to 64 days. Meaning, if the pills do not work within this period, they will provide with a full refund if you return the pills and the packaging.